Consulting Retainer Services

Free consultation to discuss your current needs and assist you in positioning your company for success.

We provide your company with a detailed evaluation of operations and processes. In particular, we focus on Clinical Operations Management.

Clinical Operations Management is the design, operation, and improvement of the processes and systems that create and deliver your company’s home healthcare services. Streamlining patient care processes begins with assessing the entire operation. It involves planning, organizing, and monitoring, and making necessary improvements for higher profitability. The adjustments in the everyday operations have to support the company’s strategic goals, so they are preceded by deep analysis and measurement of the current processes.

We offer a specialized skill set and knowledge to assist companies in making the best possible business decisions. We provide oversight and leadership in executing projects from planning to completion.

Integration involves an approach with a high degree of collaboration and communication among health professionals – new payment models, healthcare reforms and advances in health information technology – a person-centered and co-productive approach.

Our focus is based on the understanding that healthcare is a people driven industry.

We provide management consulting with company leadership to assess the company and identify problems, gather information, and implement solutions. Assist your company with needs related to people management: human resource policy, recruitment and retention, leadership development and training.

We have extensive experience in training Directors of Patient Services (DPS).

We will consult with your company’s Information Technology department or home care software vendor to implement strategies. Integrate multiple facets of your business utilizing innovative technology for a more streamlined onboarding process and improve patient experience and outcomes.

We offer collaboration in strategic planning to help your company streamline your priorities by directing them towards the best use of resources, while achieving the company mission, goals and objectives through stakeholder participation. We learn about your company’s challenges and technologies to understand your business needs. Solutions and recommendations are individualized and company specific. Not a one size fits all approach.

We provide a consultant to be available to answer questions and provide clinical and other professional support to be utilized on an as-needed basis.

We streamline processes and workflow by thoroughly performing a company structure review. Drive operations, improvement initiatives and provide recommendations that optimize patient flow, improve patient throughput, and strengthen clinical care protocols.

We look for ways to optimize your company’s ability to deliver high-quality care to their patients efficiently and cost effectively. On-site staff education, defining roles through the creation of job aides. Assist your company with needs related to managing and retaining cases. We will educate your team on analyzing staffing problems and introduce ways to support cases.

Upon completion of a company structure review, utilize the information to create a strong culture, trustful communication, swift decision making, undistorted communication, and interaction between the company and its parts.

We provide unparalleled service designed to help meet the regulatory, operational, technology, client/patient relationship, and risk challenges of a constantly changing healthcare environment. We make recommendations, as well as assist in the implementation of customized policies, procedures, and processes designed to address noted deficiencies and to ensure compliance with applicable accreditation standards, as well as Federal and State Regulations.

The benefits of a successful home healthcare operation will result in better client experience, improve the bottom line and competitive edge, automating or simplifying recurring tasks, clarifying roles and identifying patient care trends.

An assessment of jobs, tasks, and how positions are related and inter-related. It is a targeted effort to understand how work gets done, what work is most important to accomplish, and how it may need to be flowed differently.

Ongoing services include assisting and directing home health care providers in obtaining home care licensure and/or obtaining and maintaining accreditation. Updating and maintaining policies, procedures and company structures as well as performing compliance monitoring.

Mock site visits to determine your readiness for unannounced or scheduled site visits. Identifying common deficiencies and advising on how to avoid them. We make recommendations to management for correction of any deficiencies noted.
We will perform ongoing monitoring to ensure that recommendations have been implemented and improvements are maintained.

Assist start up individuals and businesses to simplify the process of home healthcare regulations, compliance, and workflow for a smoother run company. Understand the rules and regulations of the industry.

Establish a Quality Improvement program and position your company to meet a value based payment model.

Establish a risk management program and identify clinical and financial risks. Mitigate risk by ensuring quality of clinical services is carried out according to policies and procedures.

Ensure care coordination and vendor services oversight by directing and supporting front line staff and management.

Assistance in developing in-services and orientation programs.

Train your staff to improve compliance, workflow, patient care and employee compliance. We will provide continuing education, and professional support.

An effective team will result in the continuity of patient services. Ensure care coordination and vendor services.

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