Interim leadership positions

We step into your company’s leadership positions on a temporary basis.

Roll out programs, procedures, and protocols to create a sustainable trajectory of growth for your company and improve standards of care. We focus on administrative efficiency, regulatory compliance, work environment, procedural flow and financial processes. 

We will transfer our knowledge onto internal teams, ensuring employees are educated and the project is a success. Support business operations, organize training, as well as specific department programs for staff to maximize their productivity and improve optimal performance to meet project deliverables and achieve client satisfaction.

We begin by evaluating all of the company’s departments to determine the underlying cause of a problem. When the underlying cause or root of an issue is identified and understood, it can be remedied and avoided in the future. Many companies treat problem symptoms rather than root causes that cause a nonconformance and should be permanently eliminated through process improvement and financial management.


Integrate the Intake process, operations, and human resources to assist in staffing cases, onboarding, and recruitment tracking.

We will train your management on the implementation of daily stand ups. Review changes, status updates, and case analysis. Identify hospitalizations, call outs, change in patient acuity. This is a time to gather information, set direction and provide staff development and support.

We will review all aspects of your company, including clinical care processes, non-clinical processes, and regulatory requirements. While reviewing these areas, we pay close attention to topics that are meaningful and address the needs of both the patients and staff.

Have you incorporated this information into your business operational plan? The sum of its parts is the total effectiveness of a group of things each interacting with one another is different or greater than their effectiveness when acting in isolation from one another.

Data! – What is your value proposition?

Famous statements by Peter F. Drucker (Management Consultant, Educator, and Author)

“What gets measured, gets managed.” “Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.”

What data do you have to compete?

We utilize Business Intelligence to help solve poor performance management and chaos in day-to-day operations. Decide how you will use data in your company. You need a strategy because merely choosing the right technology, and implementing a software platform is not enough to realize a return on investment.

Effectively addressing clinical and business intelligence (C&BI) can drive more accountable and higher quality patient care and improve a company’s financial performance.

We will support optimal decision-making for better care outcomes by analyzing clinical information, help guide and inform your company’s healthcare professionals. Assist you in implementing measures that increase value in care for better patient outcomes. Incorporate the clinical data into the operation to enhance patient engagement, care management, electronic documentation, tracking of data including complaints, abnormal finding reporting, patient progress, prevention of hospitalization and complications. Accomplish company goals and objectives by building and sustaining structure.
The Clinical & Business Intelligence process is a continuous journey, with constant opportunities for fine-tuning, re-calibration, and improvement. By utilizing metrics and consistent and constant monitoring, we ensure documentation is happening in real time. Make quick decisions. Meet deadlines.

Define your business needs and questions. Understand your data. Expending money on the wrong departments. Staffing ratios and limiting duplications. We will keep data definitions clear and consistent. Analyze and present your data. Set benchmarks and targets.

We will meet weekly 1:1 with your healthcare professionals, human resource staff, marketers and recruiters. Continued staff performance along with continuous monitoring of compliance as well as business development. Educate your team on analyzing staffing problems and introduce ways to support cases.

We will assist you in designing a strategic target plan to identify key contacts to maximize referrals and applicants. Does your Recruiter and Marketer have a projected schedule of who their targets are? 80% of outputs result from 20% of all inputs for any given event. The goal of the 80-20 rule is to identify inputs that are potentially the most productive and make them the priority. Are they going back after one week as a friendly reminder? Have you identified the gatekeepers? Is recruitment focused on the hard to staff areas. Evaluate what is coming out of the target accounts.

Adjust recruitment to the operational needs. Analyze hard-to-staff locations, staff capacity, and overtime use. Is Marketing and Recruitment within target? We will review their projected schedule of target accounts and monitor the return.
We review all metrics with leadership to identify a true picture of the operation. Know your numbers. Profit margins are important to know. Once you have a clear picture of your profit margins, you can cut where you need to or invest to build your business. What cost are you willing to absorb to maintain the case? Are certain referrals becoming a loss instead of profit? What is your plan? We will focus on positive patient outcomes, effective care coordination, proper referrals, and controlled costs.

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